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What are the Benefits of Aquarium Salt?

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Before moving to the benefits of aquarium salt let us first understand about aquarium salt with its types and usage. What is Aquarium Salt? Aquarium salt is a salt made up of the evaporated sea salt which is widely used… Continue Reading →

How to Acclimate Fish

Acclimating freshwater fish is much simpler than most people think. By knowing how to acclimate fish, you actually end up acclimating fish much faster than most people believe. Properly acclimating new fish to your already established tank wants more than… Continue Reading →

How to Breed Betta Fish – Breeding Betta Fish Guide

So you want to know how to breed betta fish? Well, it’s important to do this right while breeding betta fish, else you end up with one of the betta dead. So in this article, I am going to guide… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants add a whole new level to freshwater fish keeping. Aquarium plants help to give the aquarium more realistic look and there are many benefits of aquarium plants. Adding plants to your aquarium helps in maintaining your aquariums water… Continue Reading →

How to Adjust pH in Fish Tank

The following article How to Adjust pH in Fish Tank will help you to maintain your aquariums pH level. Most fish will thrive in a wide range of pH, usually from low pH level to high pH level. Different fish… Continue Reading →

Breeding Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp is one of the simplest animals to breed in the aquarium. There are major 3 main things which need to be concerned while attempting in breeding Red Cherry Shrimp. This includes the following: breeding, carrying of eggs… Continue Reading →

Flowerhorn Diseases and Treatments

Flowerhorn cichlids are one of the ornamental aquarium fish. Flowerhorn fish are noted for their vivid colors and as well as for the distinctively shaped heads “Kok”. These fish are named as Flowerhorn because of their head. These fish are… Continue Reading →

How to Set up a Betta Tank Properly

One of the most common questions that people ask when it comes to betta fish is, “how to keep a betta fish” alongside how to set up a betta tank properly, betta tank mates, food to feed them and the tanks… Continue Reading →

Basic Flowerhorn Care Tips For Beginners

The Flowerhorn Cichlid Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish with a very interesting behavior, temper, and completely unique appearance. Flowerhorn cichlids have a great personality and you will not regret keeping Flowerhorn cichlid as a pet. The… Continue Reading →

Guide to Different Types of Aquarium Substrates

Substrates are those essential components which must be in an aquarium. Generally, a substrate is a simply a fancy way of referring to something which is beneath something else. Aquarium substrates have different functions and you should choose it according… Continue Reading →

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