Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

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When you decide to set up a freshwater aquarium, your main concern is getting numbers of equipment aside from fish. You need this kits or equipment for a various reason, maintaining water quality, healthy environment, decorating your tank, monitor sudden changes in your tank, and so on. Various aquarium gadgets are available in pet stores, some are very essential, some might be useful for specific application or purpose and some are completely useless. All freshwater aquarium requires similar basic types of equipment – a good sized tank, a solid stand, maintaining tools, and other accessories. Small fish like betta needs a smaller tank with no current while bigger fish like Arowana and other cichlids need a lot of room to grow, swim with water movement. In the following article, I have listed basic and the most important freshwater aquarium equipment checklist that you require before setting up your aquarium.


Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Your fish-tank must be of at least 20 Gallons. Which is recommended for beginners worldwide. But bigger fish-tanks are usually more stable.

Aquarium Stand

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Aquarium Stand depends on the size of the fish-tank. The biggest mistake made by a hobbyist is underestimating the weight of the tank once it is filled with water. Water is heavy, so it is very important to get a solid support base for your aquarium.

Aquarium Substrate

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

The material that you use in the bottom of your fish tank is called substrate. There is a wide variety of aquarium substrate: sand, soil, gravels and so on.

Aquarium Filters

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Filters are one of the essential equipment in fishkeeping hobby. This help to clear your tank water. The turnover rate of the filter should be at least 3 times the volume of aquarium per hour. For detail please visit my previous article on “Aquarium Filtration“.

Aquarium Filter Media

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Filter media often get dirty since all the aquarium waste are collected is the media. So, ensure that you have plenty of replacement media. The more frequently you replace your media, the clearer the water gets. For detail please visit my previous article on “Filter Media“.


Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

A heater is also the most important accessory in fish keeping hobby. Using a heater limits diseases. Heater helps in maintaining fish tank’s temperature. It allows you to keep tropical fish.

Fish Food

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Quality fish food results in growth and coloration in fish. Food should be fed twice a day in a small amount. I would recommend mixing a different variety of fish food and flakes for a better result.

Aquarium Water Test Kit

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

An Aquarium water test kit plays a great role in monitoring the fish tank’s water. This alerts you to toxic aquarium condition and saves your fish.

Glass Scrubber

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

A glass scrubber helps you to clear your glass since different type of algae and bacteria makes it their home. It is just as important to keep the outside of your aquarium glass clean on the inside.

Fish Net

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Fishnet comes in handy when you got to remove dead plants of any excess food moving around the surface of your tank’s water.

Decorations (Optional)

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment Checklist

Using decorations is just a way of decorating your fish tank placing various scape rocks, fake plants and so on in your aquarium.

These are some of the important freshwater aquarium equipment checklists you require before setting up your aquarium. Now that you have all the equipment you can set up the aquarium.

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