Aquarium plants add a whole new level to freshwater fish keeping. Aquarium plants help to give the aquarium more realistic look and there are many benefits of aquarium plants. Adding plants to your aquarium helps in maintaining your aquariums water quality by absorbing nitrates reducing toxic in your tank. It also provides shelter for your fries and supplemental source for your fish. As a whole, plants help in replicating natural environment that the fish come from.

Benefits of Aquarium Plants

List of Live Plants for Beginner

Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria grows fast as well as it helps to add depth and beauty to your freshwater aquarium. This plant needs minimal maintenance as well as it makes it a fuss-free plant to have. It looks like tall lace-like green leaves. These plants just need a temperature of water at 74°F – 82°F and medium lighting. The function of it is like a carpet plant which is in the front, lining the floor of the aquarium.

Java Moss

It looks like a fuzzy and green on the bottom of the aquarium and the temperature of a water need to be 70°F – 75°F. You can use any kind of light as well as the function of this plant is it covers bottom which helps to protect baby fish as well as it is a source of food for baby fish.


The look of this plant is like a grass with green in color. It needs a water temperature of 74°F – 85°F. The lighting should be medium as well as the function of this plant is that it covers aquarium floor which helps to hide a place for baby fish.

Amazon Sword

Generally, they are planted in groups in the back of the aquarium. The color of this plant is a Green which is tall sword-like leaves in bunches. The temperature of the water for Amazon sword needs to be between 72°f – 82°F. The light should be moderate and the function of this plant is to decor the background of the aquarium which also helps fish to hide.

African Water Fern

The look of this plant seems like lush feathery green leaves and the temperature of the water needs to be 68°F – 80°F. It needs the light of low, shade and the function of this plant is to cover as well as décor in the background which helps to hide fish.

Java Fern

Java Fern is one of the very popular plants as it needs a low maintenance and is very beautiful. You can use this plant in any area of the aquarium. It looks like a long green leaf in bunches and the temperature of the water needs to be 68°F – 82°F. The light needs to be low to medium for this plant and the function of this plant is to decor background of the aquarium which helps fish to hide.

Green Tiger Lotus

Green Tiger Lotus is one of a wide-leaf variety which needs very little maintenance and the environmental conditions need to be average which helps this plant thrive. This plant looks like a wide, green leaf, medium height and the temperature of the water needs to be 71°F – 82°F. The light should be moderate and the function of this plant is to create a hiding place for fish as well as it can be used as a background decoration.

Anubias Nana

This plant may grow up to 6 inches and it has dark leaves which need very little care as well as it is ideal for the beginner. This plant looks as it is of medium-sized, oval leaves which are dark green and the temperature of the water is to be 72°F – 82°F. The lights should be moderate and the function of this is to make beautiful throughout the aquarium.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii

The size of this plant is a medium which has a pointed leaf that is mostly green with a reddish due and the temperature of water tends to be 68°F – 86°F. You can use very light from very low to high and the function of this plant is to décor and makes a hiding place for fish.

Benefits of aquarium plants

Live plants provide several benefits for the aquarium and the fish besides looking nice. There are so many benefits of aquarium plants, some of them are as follows:

Aesthetically Pleasing

This is the first reason you keep a planted tank. Aquascaping is an art of arranging different plants, rocks, driftwood in a manner that please you. Adding plants to your aquarium gives more realistic looking environment. There are many plants with different colors and shapes. But you should not use fake ones. The movement from the water pump which helps to bring life to the real plants, instead of the stiffness once it has been displayed by artificial plants.

Fish Health

Artificial plants are made in such that these plants are friendly to the water and the fish. However, this does not give any guarantee that it will not damage the fish in any way. The colors of an artificial plant will fade and will give an unnatural look to your aquarium. On the other hand, live plants help to achieve the right nutrients in the water. Helps in absorbing toxic in the water as a fertilizer for the photosynthesis process. Small fish will have a place where they can hide and feel relaxed in a natural ambient as well. Natural supplements for the fish is always the best, adding plants in the aquarium will provide your fish with good natural diet.

Food Source

Your fish will not devour your real plants in a few weeks so you don’t need to worry about it. You can feed them every day so they will be happy with it, but in case, if you forget to feed them for a few days and if you have natural plants in your tank, then there is no need to worry. Because in this kind of situation, the real plants can be their salvation. Even though fish do not want to eat it, they will still have a few which can be enough for the survival. Do you know that most of the fish are omnivorous, due to which they do need to eat the plant. This benefit the plants with their digestion and the ecosystem in which they live.

Oxygen Production

Even though there is a device which is meant to keep the aquarium water oxygenated, most of the time it is not enough. Because an air pump can rarely provide all the oxygen needed for the fish because it only pumps the air from the atmosphere. In case if you use an air stone which helps to provide enough oxygen for fish then it will help to gather bacteria in it and will make water dirtier than it should be and it disturbs fish too. The plants in aquarium help to remove the air pump and air stone completely. When plants photosynthesize, they release oxygen in its purest form taking it carbon dioxide that the fish breadth out.

Algae Reduction

When you do not have any natural plants in your aquarium then probably aquarium may have algae and it doesn’t even matter how many chemicals you add to the water, algae will still appear as it only needs some light and nutrients in the water. You can add algae eaters in the aquarium but they will be exhausted in a short period of time. Whereas, when you have a real or live plant in the aquarium they will use all the nutrients in which algae grows. Their roots are so strong enough to absorb everything, so there will not be enough nutrients for algae.

There are many advantages of having live aquarium plants in your aquarium such as:

  • A Behavior Modification
  • A Nutrient Cycling:
  • Algae Control
  • Food
  • Aeration Of the Water Column
  • Root Systems Promote Substrate Security
  • It helps in Filtration

Aquatic plant care

You need to maintain the light and the temperature of the aquarium in the correct order which is one of the most important factors in planting plants in the aquarium. A lot of planning, care, and attention is needed for creating the perfect underwater garden. It can also be expensive to achieve the desired effect. You need to maintain a planted aquarium and keep your fish alive, which is one of a challenge.

Plant friendly fish

The top Freshwater Fish Species for planted tanks are listed below:

  • Ember Tetra
  • Cardinal Tetras
  • Neon Tetras or black neon tetra
  • Harlequin tetras
  • Rainbows
  • Angelfish
  • Discus
  • Guppy’s
  • Chili Rasbora or mosquito Rasbora
  • Dwarf gourami